Brisbane restaurant honours primary producers with short film

From Around Here

Stokehouse Q, a fine-dining restaurant on Brisbane's South Bank, commissioned this short film to honour the growers and harvesters of the fresh, local and seasonal products that help make their restaurant's reputation great.

Shot and edited in conjunction with Director Ian Kenny from FHQ, From Around Here highlights the range of quality food and wine produced around south east Queensland.

We traveled with Richard and Ben from Brisbane's Stokehouse Q to eleven different wine and food producers around the Granite Belt, Southern Downs, Scenic Rim and Sunshine Coast, capturing stunning aerial shots along the way.

We heard heart-felt, honest stories from hardworking fishermen, farmers and wine makers. It’s these producers of such fine food and wine, along with Ian Kenny's direction and mentorship, who have made this beautiful, short film really work!

The film's purpose

There are plenty of reasons to source food locally.  This short film highlights some of the reasons that we don't necessarily think about when we talk about buying local and reducing food mile footrprints.

From Around Here honours the primary producers from regions 2-hours drive from the city — the men and women putting in the hard work. They produce seasonal, fresh and local produce that provides Brisbane customers with quality food and wine. 

The care and expertise — and therefore hard work and time — it takes to produce quality food and wine shouldn't be taken for granted. There's cost involved, it can't be done with love alone. But there is plenty of love that goes into making sure products like wine from Queensland's Granite Belt; fish harvested on the Sunshine Coast; meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy products, eggs and honey from the Southern Downs and Scenic Rim.

So, the purpose of the film is give acclaim and credit to the farmers, winemakers and fishers whose work provides us with quality, wholesome products abundant in flavour and freshness.

The produce doesn't necessarily cost more but if it does, the flavour and freshness are worth it.

The production 

The film took 4 days to film, generally taking around 2–3 hours to set up and shoot each interview. We shot  2–3 interviews each day. We also location scouted around the properties to find some B-roll/cutaway shots to layover the top of the interviews when editing the footage in post production.

Once we had all the footage together we managed to cut each interview down to around 1–2 minutes long. These videos are like small advertisements for each producer. If we were to edit them all the interviews together, the final video would have been almost 30 minutes. We needed to go further.

A five-minute video could be considered short in some respects. However, as marketing tools, short, crisp, engaging videos keep the majority of viewers engaged till the end. After watching From Around Here, viewers want to go and taste the amazing food Storehouse Q has to offer.