Video marketing and your production plan

This 1.26 min. promotional real estate video is a quick and affordable way of promoting both both the highlighted property and its surrounding area.

There are some simple but important factors to consider when planning your marketing video. It pays to be clear about:

  • the purpose of your clip
  • understanding what will engage your audience.

Video length: The attention span of any online audience means that short videos are the most effective marketing videos. 

Audience appeal: Marketing videos work by triggering at least two of these factors with your targeted audience: humour, emotion, interest, desire and aesthetic appeal.

Length matters

Depending on the purpose of your clip and your message, 3 minutes is the recommended maximum length to maintain online audience engagement. If your video is any longer you'll risk losing your audience.

So, could your clip be be even shorter? Well, yes. Just like 30-second TV commercials are effective, short online marketing videos work well when they're distinct and succinct. Get your message across clearly without demanding more time that your audience is willing to give. You want them to enjoy your clip. Your efforts will be counter-productive if they disengage before your clip is done.

If you're going to upload your video to Instagram, the maximum length of your clip will need to 60 seconds.

You could consider producing a 3-minute (or shorter) clip for YouTube and your website, and a short 60-second (or shorter) version for Instagram. 

VAC Group  commissioned this 1 min. video to highlight its well-run business headquarters. 

Sharing your video

Think about casting a wide net, and the platforms available to help you do this. Options for promoting or sharing your video include YouTube and Instagram. And the rest. Platforms with huge audiences are part of your marketing strategy, but not the solution.

The purpose of your video and your audience

Understanding the purpose of your video, and your audience, help simplify your message. By targeting your video to your audience, your message will be clearer and have better engagement strength and appeal. A targeted message will help produce a response and therefore a better return for investment. Your video will be shorter and easier to digest.

Knowing your targeted audience and what will appeal to them — humour, emotion, interest, desire and/or aesthetic appreciation — is an  important part of the creative and production process. 

Quality matters

Sure, there are tools available to create and edit your own clip — why not explore them if you have the time and inclination. Your clip doesn’t have to be slick. But quality does matter, editing is important. Get your message across effectively — so that it's clear, concise and clever.

Choosing a video production company to create and edit your video doesn’t have to cost the earth, or take an eternity to produce. Do the research — see what different professionals have produced and for what price. It’s a competitive industry.

Produce a plan

Your message needs to stick. Your audience needs to engage with your marketing video. Produce a plan based on the following guides:

  • Understand the purpose of your clip and your message.
  • If you have multiple messages, you may need multiple videos. Try not to cram too much into one clip.
  • Know your audience and what will make your message appeal.  Should your clip be provocative, emotive, funny, feel-good or factual? Maybe all of these?

Producing a clip only for your website won’t be taking advantage of the online sharing potential from your blog or other social media. But for your clip to be shared, the message has to appeal to your audience.

Contact Sure Shot Film to help with the video production of your marketing clip.