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Our video productions

Bring business to life

Events / business videos

Our corporate videos put the spotlight on what you do best in business, plus they're perfect for websites or social media; our videography engages audiences.

Real estate videos

Marketing with a Sure Shot Film video on realestate.com or social media will enhance your property and your brand. Our videography makes your property shine.

Drone aerial services

Our drone aerial videography highlights your very best, what makes you authentic. We can offer a birds-eye-view — video footage or photography.

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… We received outstanding feedback about the video … it added to the campaign …

Real estate

Ben Smith, Lead Agent, Place Estate Agents, Brisbane

Corporate and marketing
video production and photography

Expertise in marketing and advertising
real estate, business, events videos — including drone aerial services

You'll get quality, cost-effective video and photography options.
Our productions promote the growth of your business, and we hit the targets you set.
We deliver on time, and on budget.

Quality, cost-effective productions

Sure Shot Film offers corporate video promotions that work, and are affordable. We achieve this because our techniques are time-efficient, a saving that's passed on to our clients by offering cost-effective, affordable marketing video clips. Our production company has embraced advancements in camera technology, including drones and gimbals, to offer professional video marketing to every business—no matter what your budget. Our state-of-the-art videography and compact set-up means we can get a range of professional shots all in stunning 4k. And, for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Take a look at our prices to see for yourself.

Fully CASA Certified

We hold CASA’s RPAS Operator’s Certificate (drone licence).

Turn-around time for real estate videos

Our 1–2 minute real estate videos generally take around two hours to film with a turn-around of 48 hours, making us one of the most efficient and inexpensive production companies around.

Engage your customers

Our engaging video clips bring your business to life: we put the spotlight on you and your work.

Our production company offers a unique style of videography: we capture the essence of your business or your special event—from festivals to weddings. Our multi-camera set-up enables us to film a range of different angles to create professional, interesting videos that keep your audience engaged right to the end.

Improve your SEO and connect with audiences

Online videos help to improve search engine optimisation (SEO), plus they engage your online audience: more traffic to your site = greater SEO. Sure Shot Film's videography educates and connects with audiences; they’re perfect for attracting more attention via social media and your webpages. As marketing tools, our videos work. Your online audience will connect with you and your business, giving your audience the confidence to take the next step and engage with you directly. And at the end of the day, our production company stands to bring you more business!

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