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Sure Shot Film's mission is to create clean, engaging videos no matter the production size, and to make professional video marketing a cost-effective option for everyone — small businesses, large companies, event organisers.


We're a Brisbane-based production company with a high-quality compact kit allowing us to travel interstate and overseas quickly and efficiently. We’ve created content for companies, across a range of industries, in California, Sydney, Adelaide, Armidale, Ballina, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Indonesia.

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop with everything you need in the one convenient place. No outsourcing to other companies, dealing with multiple people. We make life simple. From standard video, drone, visual effects, animation. You name it, we can help.

Our goals are to:

  • save you time and money by providing everything you need under the one roof

  • build long-term business relationships with our clients by creating videos that work. This is key to our success, and why we guarantee our work.

Our video production types include:

  • visual effects (VFX)

  • animations

  • drone/aerial footage

  • green screen

  • TV commercials

  • advertising

  • real estate marketing

  • animated explainer videos

  • corporate promotional videos

  • interviews.


Video production, drone/aerial services, and visual effects (VFX)

Equipment list


Multi-camera setups — When it comes to producing professional videos, the trick is to use optional angles. Using multiple cameras allow us to shoot interviews or scenes from a range of angles in the one take. We also shoot in 4k letting us play with composition and create wide shots and close-ups using one shot without losing resolution. This means we save time, and we get flexibility when it come to editing your video. 

Gimbals — With a gimbal we can capture scenes with movement, perfect for 'walk and talk' interviews, or 'run and gun' filming for large events, or creating engaging shots of a product or service. 

Green screens —  Filming with a green screen allows us to shoot the scene at the location of your choice, then choose the background later during post production. Our portable green screen can be set up in less than an hour making it a great option for corporate video production and advertising. It also opens up a range of creative animation and VFX options that are almost only limited to your imagination.

Using a green screen for an advertising video production. A woman holding a script with a dishwasher, and other crew in the back and foreground.
Woman in the TECO commercial standing next to a stainless steel TECO fridge.
Sure Shot Film's sign indicating to the public to take caution because there are 'remotely piloted aircraft in operation'.

Drones — We are fully licensed to fly RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft systems) up to 7.5kgs. We communicate with CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) for safety checks, or for exemptions to fly in high risk 'no fly zones'. We also have authorisation to fly at night, allowing us to capture your next event from every angle imaginable, day or night. We use the best from DJI with the Inspire 1 Raw, Phantom 4 Professional and Mavic Pro —all part of our kit.

There's a lot to think about when flying drones to capture photography and video for marketing and promotional purposes. It pays to use a professional drone pilot, not only to get the perfect shot but also in regards to safety. 

Visual effects (VFX) — Filming is just one part in the process of creating video. Post production/editing is next. The exciting and amazing world of VFX enables 2d and 3d animations, text tracking, and superimposing objects or even  whole scenes. Our VFX work is produced in-house.

Photography — Need more content for your website and social media? Our flexible setup make is easy to photograph whilst on location. Once the drone is in the air, we're happy to take some extra aerial photos for you to use as content. We can also provide corporate head-shots, events or product photography.

Music — Choosing the right audio track for your video cannot be underestimated. The style of the music can completely change the video's dynamic and feel, along with how we choose to edit it. Whether you have a track in mind or follow our suggestions we have a range of royalty-free music sites we use. We also work with local music producers who can create a custom track for your video. 

Lighting — When is come to making quality videos, lighting is almost as important as the camera itself. We have professional three-point Fiilix 360 lighting. High quality, professional lighting that is colour temperature adjustable. 

Audio — There's a saying that suggests you don't notice audio quality when it's good, only when it's bad. We have a range of mics, including lapel, shotgun and boom mics. With our external 32-bit Zoom recording equipment, we make sure your audio sounds crystal clear.

Lenses — Our range of lenses includes: Sony E mount prime lenses, great for interviews, advertising commercials and TV shows, creating that cinematic shallow depth of field; Ziess and wide angle zooms perfect for 'run and gun' event videography; a beautiful 90mm macro lens which is great for everything from interviews through to getting those close up detailed shots of products for your video.     

Is there something we've missed? Please feel free to get in touch if there's something you need for your next production. We're happy to do the research for you. We are always interested in growing our kit and also have a range of hire companies to choose from.

Benefits of video marketing

Improve your SEO

Online videos help to improve search engine optimisation (SEO). An engaging video helps drive people to your site and keep them engaged once they’re there. More traffic to your site and a better bounce rate = greater SEO. See our blog post about videos and SEO.

Engage your target market

Sure Shot Film's videos are designed to inform and engage your  audience; they’re perfect for attracting more attention when advertising on social media and on your web pages. Your online audience will take note, with the next step engaging with you directly. And at the end of the day, your video will bring you more business.

Build your brand

Video is a great way to get noticed with creative ways to communicate your points of difference.  Using video to explain what your business is about is a great way to connect with you target audience and increase market reach. 

These options come standard with our hourly- or day-rate pricing.



Note from the Director

Street art, Brisbane

Street art, Brisbane

For me, creativity and working hard go together.  Starting a video production company in Brisbane has been a satisfying choice in that it's physically and mentally challenging, technical and creative. No two videos are the same which makes my job really exciting. I love my job.

My aim with Sure Shot Film is to provide everyone from small business right through to large companies with a cost-effective video marketing option. As the founding director of a business I understand the importance of great customer service.

If you have an idea for your own production and need advice in regards to time, budget and what will be involved to make it a reality, contact me. If a video clip has caught your attention and you'd like to replicate the production style, let's make it happen.

From your first contact with Sure Shot Film,  you'll be dealing directly with the me,  through to planning, filming and editing. I guarantee commitment.

I look forward to working with you.

Adric Spiteri
Founding Director
0478 821 380