Visual Effects (VFX) and Animation

What is VFX?

Visual Effects or VFX is a process that manipulates video and film imagery. It can involve:

  • live-action footage by incorporating special effects

  • generated imagery or digital effects to create scenes almost impossible or impractical to capture on film. Visual effects uses computer-generated imagery (CGI) with animation software.

With the recent addition of  VFX and animation to our in-house service, alongside our full-production video, drone, and time-lapse services, we now create commercial style videos all in house, saving time and money. As YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn ads become more and more popular, the demand for commercial style videos also grows.

That’s where are services help. By using a mixture of video and animated text or other visual effects we can create commercial style video advertisements quickly and efficiently making video marketing a much more affordable option that it used to be.

Animated logos, text and more

We use Cinema 4D and After Effects to create 2d and 3d animated logos and text, character animations, explainer videos (see the Orbit Enterprise video), and video introductions.

And as always, we guarantee our work.

Contact us to chat about your ideas and so we can create a video that really works for your business.