Videos and your marketing strategy


Marketing videos are now important on all platforms and channels: Google My Business; Instagram; your website; Facebook ... . A YouTube channel with helpful, informative content is part of an effective marketing strategy for many businesses. Videos offer your business market reach so they’re integral to your brand marketing strategy.


You need a plan to make video central to your campaign efforts and social content because that’s where video dominates. Research from Hubspot confirms that global consumers make decisions from watching video content.

If you’re working on a marketing strategy, videos must be part of it.

Short videos work. Google encourages businesses to upload short 30 second videos to your Google My Business profile, clips of your business operations. Taken on your phone, these videos can go a long way towards demonstrating your business’s attributes when uploaded to your social pages, especially your Google business listing and Instagram.

Don’t discount the importance of professionally produced video — these can be cost-effective while offering something to add to your in house productions. Professional videographers take a lot of footage on a shoot. Why waste this? Value-add on your professional production costs and ask your videographer for additional, short, thoughtful video grabs as part of your production agreement.

There are tons of helpful guides to give you guidance. We’ve added a couple here:

Hubspot’s Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing

Veedyou Media — good posts about video marketing.

As always, we’re here to talk about your next production and to help value-add towards your business strategy.