Why animated videos work for business


Reasons why animation videos work for business include the visual effects of demonstrating and explaining information through animation are perfect for online user behaviour and how we learn. Plus there are cost benefits for businesses: production costs for animated videos are lower than most other (quality) video productions.


Economical benefits from using animation

There are many reasons why animation videos work for business, some factors being economical. While businesses get greater market reach through the sharing of video content, the use of animation eliminates the need for location or talent scouting adding a saving to production costs.

All that’s required by the production team is a well-written script; the team bring the concepts to clarity through imagination.


As content for your social channels or website, short animations capture your audience. They engage and inform.

Animations work for marketing, training or explaining, and story-telling.

Marketing reach

Marketing campaigns are being driven by animation because of audience appeal. A video demonstration of a product or service has greater reach than the written word to get messages across quickly and effectively.

Your audience, clients and customers are viewing video content more than reading about your products. Integrating animation into marketing videos contribute to message with humour and all-important emotion.

Animation explainer videos

Animations also enable learning. Students, including your employees, are learning via increased use of explainer videos that offer clarity and fun through the marvels of technology and the skills of animators who have mastered applications like After Effects and Cinema 4D. Explainer videos can support instructor-led training — either face-to-face or purely online training — via videos demonstrating processes and emotion.

Created with skill and storyboarding, animation is an effective way to demonstrate step-by-step processes to explain simple or complex tasks. The industry is growing, animation is not a fad.

Videos tell your story

Videos cultivate strong connections. Telling a story about individuals or a brand in a video helps generate emotion.

Stories about your employees, your students or yourself as testimonials that infuse personality and humanity — and worth — work for your brand.

Provision of captions for accessibility

Animation can be used to provide captions. Providing text on your videos using an animated process can contribute to your powerful message. Plus, including captions on videos improves the accessibility of your content for all users, all audiences.